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Nebulophone workshop, lessons in sound and satisfaction!

Last Thursday I attended one of the workshops being run by RichDecibels over the last few weeks. I share the studio with Rich and had heard him talk about the Nebulophone kits produced by BleepLabs. I’d wanted to attend one of his workshops to see how they were run but also I was keen to try my hand at soldering and work on a project that interested me.

Rich’s workshops are run over one evening and are very much a casual affair. People of all sorts have been attending, from sound geeks attracted by the content of this particular workshop to more general technology enthusiasts who wanted to try their hand at making.


On the night where were only 3 of us attending as it was an overflow class put on by Rich to cater for high demand. Rich handed us a beer, introduced the kit and we went at it from there. The kit comes with instructions so you could do it yourself. But Rich took the time to talk us through each step, explaining electronics fundamentals and even giving us a quick primer on soldering for those unfamiliar with the “art”. Rich also provded all the tools for the class, so all we had to bring was our hands and some enthusiasm.

It wasn’t long before we were laughing, learning and assembling our own little noise making synths like giddy kidults! The workshop lasted over 2 hours. The time flew, as it does when your so happily focused on a task ( recall if you will the time spent on Lego as a kid) and it wasn’t long before the first freshly built Nebulophone was producing glitch-tastic loops.

We had a little jam at the end of the session and then away we went taking out new piece of synth kit with us. The two others on the course had a definite use for the nebulophone, planning on using it in their own music production – as people increasingly search for new sounds, such a tool makes a great addition to the sound-makers arsenal. But even more than that, the knowledge gained from the hands on session undoubtedly sparked some ideas for future projects. Thus, learning seeded future learning.

Having spoken to Rich about his motives, one of the key aspects of these workshops is not only to give people cool toys to take home with them, but to also build an ever more aware community of enthusiasts here in Wellington (stopping only there for logistical reasons at present).

If we grow the collective knowledge then future collaborations will become even richer and more exciting.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the workshop to anyone who has even the faintest interest in electronics, to those who are interested in making electronic sounds and furthermore to those keen on getting out and being a kidult. Sharing laughs and learning experiences with like minded folk is an amazing way to relax after a day in the office.

If you’d like to attend you can sign up directly through Eventbrite http://nebworkshop.eventbrite.com/.

If you have a workshop that you’d like to suggest or deliver then please get in touch and we we help work something out. The DFC workshop is all about community learning, fun projects and good times!

Future workshops that are in the pipeline are Illustrator training sessions, 3d modelling and 3d printing 101 workshops.

(In attendance on the night was Reuben from Lekrmoi(http://lekrmoi.com/) – who put together this awesome video for us)